Social Opportunities and Lifestyle Enhancement
You should not think that by coming to our retirement community you will have time to retire! You may find that just the opposite. While you have the freedom to stay as involved as you desire, you will not be lacking for choices of fun and engaging programming. There are opportunities around every corner to take part in: fitness programs, games, craft clubs, entertainment or social gatherings. You may even find time to rekindle an interest or hobby of your own. We have great community space where you can enjoy relaxing in the library with a good book, utilize the computer lab, or take part in the pool or bowling league.

Home Maintenance
No more shoveling snow, mowing the lawn, painting, replacing an appliance and on and on. All of these jobs are taken care of leaving you time to focus on the lifestyle you enjoy.

siena diningHealthy and Delicious Meals
You might enjoy breakfast and lunch in your apartment, but having a dining room with ample selection of nutritious and delicious meals, means no worries about what to prepare for dinner. Siena offers dinner six nights a week and a brunch on Sunday. You also have the option, for a small fee, to purchase breakfast in Table Four or lunch from the Siena Shoppe.

Easy Access to Health Care
You have convenient access to professional medical and nursing staff if and when you need it. In independent living communities, members can arrange for additional outside support and medical services with an agency of their choice. Siena is also in close proximity to health care facilities such as an immediate care, dental office, specialty clinic, and drug store with-in walking distance which makes it easy and convenient to access medical services if the need arises.

Think of this as your opportunity to downsize. Rather than leaving an unwanted task to family, use this time to consider distributing mementos, heirlooms, or pieces of furniture to your loved ones now. This may become a time of giving and reminiscing, that both you and your loved ones will treasure.

Fitness & Health
There are always roadblocks in the way of getting to the gym, like bad weather, high monthly fees or classes that don’t interest you. Here you will not only enjoy fitness tailored to your needs as a senior but you may even meet a few new friends in class! With multiple options of class variety and times throughout the week, you will have plenty of choice in meeting your health and wellness needs. Want to do your work out on your own? We have a fitness center equipped with a treadmill, Nustep, and a variety of bikes.

Shuttle Service
Trips to the mall, grocery shopping, and medical appointments are standard offerings at Siena for no additional fee. Not on the planned schedule? No problem. Monday thru Friday you can arrange shuttle service to take you to and from your desired locations.

Whether relaxing to you means going golfing, working in the gardens, reading, shopping or lunch with friends, these are part of everyday life at Siena. When you choose to travel, there are no worries about finding a house sitter; your home will be looked after.

We are More Affordable than You Think
People do not often realize that moving to a retirement community can be so affordable. Once you have factored in all the additional monthly expenses you have; such as the cost of maintaining a house, your mortgage, taxes, insurance, utilities, and home maintenance. Plus, with all the added amenities you will find you can also save on the cost of food, gym memberships, emergency call systems, entertainment and even vehicle expenses.

Siena on Brendenwood neighborhoodPeace of Mind
You have peace of mind knowing that in an emergency situation, assistance is close at hand. Emergency pendants are issued to everyone and our trained personnel who are on-site 24/7 are available to respond to your needs.