Our History

A History of Excellence and Caring

Around the year 1980, the Catholic Diocese of Rockford gave serious consideration to the development of a campus that would offer a variety of health and housing services for the senior population. Initially they focused their efforts on the planning and development of a nursing home. In 1986 St. Anne Center was opened, with 120 beds, which would accommodate all levels of care, sheltered through skilled.

The next step took place in 1989. Planning began for a senior retirement facility. The first phase in this process involved construction of twelve duplex units. Design and construction of these units took place rather quickly, and in late 1990 the first residents moved into the duplexes.

At the same time, design and marketing plans were progressing on the second phase of the retirement community, an apartment building. Construction of this last phase began in the summer of 1992; and in October 1993, community members began moving into this newly completed retirement community. At that time, we were named St. Anne Place. In June of 2009, the name was changed to Siena on Brendenwood to clarify our identity from our neighbors, St. Anne Center, who had a similar name. This change in our name helped us define and brand ourselves with people looking for independent retirement living.

The Diocese retained ownership of the duplexes and Siena on Brendenwood through 2016. On January 1, 2017 First Midwest Group purchased Siena on Brendenwood.

With over 30 years in the industry, First Midwest Group (FMG) has earned the trust of valued customers by providing the real estate solutions they need for a variety of ventures. Homes, office parks, retail locations, industrial setups – FMG has a vast network of impressive resources – and the right expertise – to offer the most viable, attractive living and work sites in the Midwest.

Through dedication, competent skills, and forward-thinking business innovations, FMG has been able to become one of the top real estate brokers in the region. FMG has not only built themselves up, acquired, and successfully operated scores of area businesses, but they are also able to give back and build up our community, and the Rockford, IL area, through education and revitalization projects and charitable giving. FMG is owner and operator of Siena on Brendenwood and continues to provide a retirement community to serve the independent living needs of the senior population of all faiths.

With New Beginnings Come New Friends

Walk in our doors, and you’ll immediately feel a welcoming, intimate community. Making friends is easy and comfortable. Neighbors care about each other, and are eager to lend a hand of friendship. Welcome.

You will meet staff members who have your happiness at heart, and you will experience a level of service that harkens back to a time when people really, truly cared.

Step a few feet into our foyer, and you’ll discover why our residents like to show off their home! You can enjoy our community room, library, courtyard, secure underground parking, and more.

The beautiful surroundings will lift your spirits and comfort your soul.