Assisted Living in Rockford, IL Care Model

by | Sep 2, 2019 | Assisted Living in Rockford IL, Blog

Assisted living in Rockford IL is more of a marketing term referring to a generalized care model then it is a specific form of care delivery. It is an attempt by the industry that offers these services to bring a disparate number of service providers under one umbrella.

Living Arrangement

Personal care services such as meals, housekeeping, transportation, and assistance with activities of daily living are available as needed. Also an important aspect of the assisted living model is to provide security, comfort and meaningful activities for residents. But unlike nursing homes, residents in assisted living remain independent, living on their own in a residential setting. Assistance with activities of daily living may include help with bathing, dressing, toileting, diapering, medicating, helping with daily living decisions and moving from one place to another.

The definition of the term assisted living in Rockford, IL and what it is called in licensing regulations vary from state to state. One of the reasons many terms exist for similar facilities is that each state has its own licensing requirements. Regulations to govern these facilities are not uniform. Allowable services also vary from state to state. Assisted living services allowed in one state may only be available in a nursing home in another state. Recently there is an effort among many state legislatures to unify assisted living licensing provisions based on a common model for all states.

Facilities and Support Staff

Residential or board and care is usually a converted home or small facility with three to ten beds where the caregiver is a homeowner or single proprietor with little or no support staff. These facilities typically are not allowed to offer much care beyond bathing, dressing, providing meals or helping residents move around. Some of these homes however, may contract with home health agencies, home visiting doctors or nurses to provide care for their residents.

The cost for board and care homes is typically much less than with large, new, apartment-style assisted living facilities. People who operate board and care homes have a love for the elderly and in essence are taking these people into their homes to care for them as if they were family members. Unfortunately because of their small size these operations have little money to advertise and their residents usually come to them from referrals or word of mouth.

Assisted living in Rockford, IL fills a gap between home care and nursing homes. Years ago, before assisted living, a person needing professional care went to a nursing home even though the care didn’t always merit the intensive supervision and control of a nursing home. The fairly new alternative of assisted living provides a more homelike environment for people needing or anticipating help with activities of daily living or incidental activities of daily living but for which 24-hour nursing care is not a necessity.

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