How old would you be, if you didn’t care how old you are??  So, if you got to choose how old you could be…what would be the number???  20, 30, 40….it’s all so arbitrary, isn’t it?  It is a gift to embrace our age, to wish differently would deny us the beauty of wisdom and experience.   Does age bring about physical changes, undoubtedly, but it is just those changes that challenge us to re-adapt our needs, desires and wants.  And, brings us to understand exactly what is important.  Jumping off a 40 foot cliff into a lake on a hot summer’s day was fun in our youth, but invincibility is not reality.  Reality is engaging in the life that God has chosen for us to lead and live.  The cliff may not be 40 feet; but jumping off, metaphorically, can still be exhilarating and freeing.  Jump into your life, love who you are and enjoy the grace and wisdom of your age.