• In light of the new recommendations by the CDC, moving forward all Staff and Visitors at Siena MUST wear a mask. 
  • In the next few days we will have individual masks at the Reception Desk for purchase. Our Community Members do not need to wear one. They may do so if it gives them peace of mind.
  • A popular question last week that we fielded over and over was a request by Community Members and Families to come to Siena and visit from a distance outdoors.  The answer to this question is NO.  At this time for the safety of everyone at this community, NO visitors will be accepted.
  • Delivery of necessity items should be left at the Reception Desk.
    • DO NOT meet Community Member at the Reception Desk to visit while you pass off these items.
    • DO NOT meet Community Member in the parking lot to visit while you pass off these items.
    • Violators of this policy will be banned from Siena during this pandemic.
  • In regard to Siena Staff:
    • The Staff that are coming to WORK at this ESSENTIAL JOB are going to their home and coming to Siena.
    • All Siena Staff go through a health screening prior to their shift each day.
    • The Staff have limited their public access to the bare minimum for essential items only.
    • Any employee that is deemed not compliant, does NOT have hours to work at this time.
    • Our employees are going through the same things our Community Members.  They are not visiting parents, grandparents and children at this time.  We have a strong commitment to our community members’well-being and will continue to take every precaution necessary.

If a community member does not have family or a friend that can deliver necessity items, the following options are available:

  • Shop at the Siena Shoppe. The store can be opened anytime by contacting the Receptionist.
  • Tuesday and Thursday we have arranged for grocery delivery.  
  • Contact the Receptionist with your necessity shopping list.  Lists need to be turned in to our Receptionist by 2:00 pm on Monday for Tuesday’s order…. and 2:00 pm on Wednesday for Thursday’s order.
  • Anything purchased for Community Members will be charged to the monthly Siena invoice. Siena will not handle cash or credit/debit cards.

Most important- please contact the Reception Desk at anytime with questions or concerns.  We are here to assist in any way we can.


Stacy Hirsch
Community Director