“It’s a ‘page turner’”. This is an often used adage for a really good read; a great book. The NY Time Best Seller List is testimony to all the wonderful opportunities for us to escape into another reality through fiction or to settle down with a book that will guide us on a journey to self improvement. Page after page, and chapter after chapter, we suspend our disbelief or we harness our fortitude, and get lost in the written word.

Life is really much like a good book; our accomplishments, our experiences, our blessings and our trials. We create a life journal with fond memories or with pride for soldiering through the rough spots. But like every good book, the next chapter holds the opportunity for learning, joy, anticipation and interest. We don’t write the end of our journal, so enjoy each chapter, school, jobs, marriage, kids, retirement and retirement living. Being “golden” isn’t the end of the book; it’s the beginning of a new chapter in your life’s journal. Hold on….it should be a wonderful ride!!!!