The New Face of Retirement Communities in Rockford

by | Jun 30, 2019 | Blog, Retirement Communities in Rockford

Retirement communities in Rockford have different levels of amenities such as fitness clubs and medical facilities. And within each of these broader communities, there are sub-categories, catering specifically to lifestyles such as resort and golf communities, RV living, singles, etc.

No longer is a retirement community just a neighborhood for seniors in Illinois. Today, specialized communities covering every stage of senior living and every lifestyle have sprouted up from place to place. We’ll look at what you can expect from retirement communities in general. And we’ll look at some of the more specialized communities out there. Do you want to live in a single family home, condo, apartment, modular home, RV or share a home with other single seniors? You’ll find all of these retirement community offerings.

Retirement communities in Rockford are designed with seniors in mind. That means conveniences, ease of use, and amenities. Conveniences could be a neighboring hospital, shopping center or on-site restaurant. Homes are often fitted with easy to reach cabinet doors, higher toilets, open, single-level floor plans and other ways to make senior living easier. Amenities include fitness centers, craft classes, billiards rooms, walking trails, indoor/outdoor pools, tennis courts, golf courses, religious services, local transportation, security, and many other ways to stay active.

Retirement Communities in Rockford

A senior retirement community offers three main features—security, senior-focused amenities, and a sense of community. Security ranges from gated facilities to emergency alarm response features within the senior homes. Amenities for seniors are based on the age, abilities, and interests of seniors who are 55 and older. A sense of community allows seniors to have social connections with other residents who are in the same stage of life, that being retirement.

In an assisted living retirement community, there is a moderate level of care provided. This type of living arrangement allows seniors to live in their own homes, i.e., apartments, condos, or single family dwellings. However, seniors also receive assistance for basic and vital needs, such as help with getting dressed, meal preparation, taking medication, and transportation.

According to the National Center for Assisted Living, these communities may also specialize in dementia care or provide tailored care for diseases. These diseases include diabetes, depression, and cardiovascular disease. Keep in mind an assisted living facility does not provide most health care services directly. However, these facilities will work in coordination with health care providers, such as dentists, hospice nurses, podiatrists, counselors, and physical therapists. This allows residents to benefit from specialized care while living in assisted living, rather than having to move to a nursing home or inpatient setting.

Independent Living Retirement Communities in Rockford

Simply put, it’s a community for active, healthy seniors who are able to live on their own. You can live in a home, townhouse, condo, and even a mobile home or motor home. You can own or rent or live as part of a cooperative. Think of it like living in your old neighborhood except these communities have age restrictions — usually over 55 — and most offer amenities like clubhouses, gyms, yard maintenance, housekeeping and security.

Independent living communities also typically offer transportation, laundry service, group meals, and social and cultural activities.

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