Here at Siena on Brendenwood staying fit and active is written in our tagline “Active Lifestyles. Independent Living.” Everyday our community members have a variety or activities to choose from to keep their mind and body active including chair yoga, seated sports, chair exercises (Fit for Life), and even Aerobics of the Mind. According to an article from Harvard Health Publications, “A recent Swedish study found that physical activity was the number one contributor to longevity, adding extra years to your life-even if you don’t start exercising until your senior years.” Exercise not only helps you look better, it helps you feel better, too!

You can try some of our chair exercises that are demonstrated in our Fit for Life classes! Some movements include:

  • Neck stretches: While sitting, they slowly move their head as far right as possible, while maintaining good posture. Then, they move their heads as far left as possible. While moving their heads back and forth, they extend their opposite hand out to their side and slightly downward.
    • Goal: Helps to relieve neck tension.
  • Seated Shin Point and Flex: While sitting, they extend their legs out in front of them, keeping their knees bent and toes pointed upward. They alternate slowly between pointing their toes downward and flexing them upward. Usually they do about eight to ten sets, rest, and repeat.
    • Goal: Strengthens shins and can help prevent shin splints.
  • Wrist/hand movements: First, they make a fist and proceed to rotate their wrists. If the coordination of doing two at a time is too difficult, they can just do one wrist at a time. After that, they open up their hands and bring each of their fingertips to their thumbs. Finally, they take a small ball and squeeze it, alternating hands. They hold for about five seconds and slowly release. They then do about eight to ten sets, rest, and repeat.
    • Goal: Improves grip strength and helps activate hand joints.
  • Heel Rises: They sit toward the edge of their seats, maintaining good posture. Then, they place both feet flat on the floor and raise both heels up off of the floor. They hold for about two to three seconds, and then release. They do about two sets of ten reps, resting in between sets.
    • Goal: Helps relieve stiffness and increase flexibility.

In addition to the daily chair exercises, chair yoga and seated sports are offered once a week. We also have a Bowling League that has been a crowd favorite in our community!

Adding small increments of movement and activity into your everyday life can go a long way. No matter how old you are, it is important to get your blood pumping in an effort to improve your health and outlook. Although you may think you are unable to be active due to aches, pains, or frailty, increasing physical activity will help alleviate these symptoms. Staying active is also a great stress relief! For more information on some of the activities we provide daily, take a look at our activities calendar!