Through the quarantine, we have all been told to “stay healthy,” but that is easier said than done. Knowing and finding ways to keep your mind, body, and spirit well is overwhelming. We have put together a list to help simplify things! Please be sure to consult your doctor before you begin any new workout routine or try any new diets.


While we cannot go to water aerobics at the Y right now, there are still numerous options for staying fit during the quarantine. Consider trying some at-home workouts! You do not even have to create your own routine. The National Institute on Aging has videos on YouTube specifically for those of us in our Golden years.

If you are looking for something a little different, put on some of your favorite music and dance! Uplifting or happier music will also help boost your mood. Consider taking a short walk around your neighborhood. Not only do you get good exercise from walking, but you also get to go out in the sun and listen to the bird’s chirp.


Feeling overwhelmed is a normal response to the current situation. It’s also reasonable to crave tastier but less healthy options thanks to our bodies’ stress responses. It may be easy to get fast food or order out, but these quicker options are packed with extra salt, sugar, cholesterol, and more. However, there are easy ways to find the balance between eating well and letting the stress take over your eating habits. Try to cut back on the number of times you order out by making the same yummy food at home. This allows you to moderate the amount of additives in the food you are consuming. Another option is to go for a smaller portion of less healthy choices combined with more nutritious foods. This gives you the flexibility to treat yourself without sacrificing your health. Looking to mix things up a bit? Try a new recipe online you have never made before like these ones from Food Network. You might just discover a new favorite meal.


While we are all required to social distance, it does not mean we have to be lonely. One easy way to connect with others is to call your family! Younger family members can help teach you about technology like video chat, call screening, and more. If you are looking for more ways to stay connected, check out our other blog post!  Alternatively, alone time can be used to try meditation. There are thousands of videos online and dozens of apps for your phone that can help teach you how to meditate. According to the Mayo Clinic, meditation may help manage symptoms of conditions such as anxiety, high blood pressure, and sleep problems.

One of the most challenging parts of social distancing is not being able to go to church. While it isn’t quite the same as being in the pews, many churches have video feeds of weekly worship, podcasts, or other resources. If you are not sure what your church is doing through the pandemic, visit their website or give them a call. There are hundreds of faith-based radio and podcast channels if you are looking for some additional easy listening.

And More

Of course, please continue to wash your hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds with warm water and soap. Maintain a minimum of six feet between you and the people around you. Consider asking your doctor if you can get extra medication to decrease the number of potential exposures.

Above all else, do not lose hope. Every major country in the world has scores of scientists working to create a vaccine. There will be a cure, and you will see your family and friends again. We are all in this together.